Will Native instruments be reviving Izotope discontinued favourites

I was really enjoying some unique and highly useable sounds and features of Iris 2 and Breaktweaker which Izotope suddenly pulled the plug on, I think to the chagrin of many faithful users. I wrote to Izotope to relate my appreciation of these instruments but also the nightmare of going back into hundreds of tracks already already submitted to libraries that could now only be archived by stemming out any instances of those tracks to audio. The time to do this would be very costly in an ever increasingly time restrictive field of work.

So to cut to the quick, Does anyone know if NI will be ressurecting these titles to make them better (larger sound libraries and presets, and more stable and CPU efficient (sadly, Iris2 is a memory hog now and a DAW crasher). I have tried to contact them to just inquire about this but it appears that creating a support ticket is almost impossible to find a link to. (lack of personal service leaves me a little miffed TBH).

I love Native Instruments and they make appearances on almost ALL of my tracks. I have also had great support service from them in the past as well. I am hoping that their aquisition of izotope and Plugin Alliance will mean that they will also tend to product maintainance as well?


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    NI resurrecting something 😶? Product maintenance?

    Are we talking about the same NI abandoning its own products?

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    I am completely with you with respect to the Iris 2. Finding out that it had been discontinued then I myself bought a second hand license.

    But as far as I have understood then there is next to no chance or no chance at all that the Iris 2 will be revived as it would be too expensive and I even think that by now it would have to be rewritten more or less from scratch. The discussions about discontinued products keeps popping up now and then but focus is on the new products not so much on looking back !

    The usually omni-present Jeremy_NI forum representative and N.I: liaison has taken a month off and will not be back before November 6th but I think that he would most likely tell you what I have told you (that it's not going to happen) .

    Else , feel free to contact customer-service and ask them : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us or https://support.izotope.com/hc/en-us/sections/8963117110429

    Please notice that if using the Izotope site then log-in credentials at the moment still are Izotope even though that the log in page may say Native Instruments.. The site is in transition and at some point in the future log-ins will be unified but as far as I know then that has not yet happened !

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    Thank you for your kind reply. and for the link to support.

  • D-One
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    Not sure if it's a great idea for everyone feel like support is here to answer questions you know the answer for...

    The discussions about discontinued products keeps popping up now and then but focus is on the new products not so much on looking back !

    Indeed, couldn't have said it better. If OP is lucky maybe they consider a new Iris 3.

  • FilmscoreHermit
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    Iris 3 would be great and Breaktweaker 2. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up an upgrade!

  • Simon A. Billington
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    Well they could also integrate key Breaktweaker elements into the next Battery. That would be another way about that.

    I can't really see Iris being incorporated into anything, except maybe Kontakt. But they would really need to overhaul its sample viewer. There is no way something that small can be usable in creating Iris style presets

  • FilmscoreHermit
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    I love that idea Simon. It would be great if Battery had a built in sequencer/looper like Breaktweaker with a midi drag and drop feature like Action Strings 2. What have loved about breaktweaker is the ease of putting together a rhythm track with nice gritty elements. I have shifted to Arcade and Damage 2 for some of these groove ingredients knowing that Breaktweaker was being dropped. I really think it is a highly underrated rythmn engine.

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