UAD plugins (finally) and Piano roll improvements

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Hello friends,

Its about 2-3 weeks that I launched maschine and my UAD plugins were available to use them inside the maschine DAW!

That's awesome!

Not sure how did that happen (either a maschine or uad upadate) but... its awesome!

Now to the latter part of the topic, Piano roll...

Is it only me that wishes for a descent update regarding the piano roll?

I mean like a proper piano roll like the ones in all other DAWs where you can see the midi notes (by name), adjust and scale your grid in so many ways and still having something "readable" and easily editable in front of you...

I do get that these enhancements may not be tailored for the small displays available on maschine hardware but they do make a HUGE difference when using the maschine DAW...

So, anyone upvoting for a piano roll update? Is there a better place in the forum for wishlists ?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    You're not the only one with this request @beatN00B

    Maschine piano roll upgrade

    For the time being, tagging "feature request" is the way to go. 🙂

  • rmou
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    Have a question: can uad plugins be used in maschine plus? Im thinking about getting an uad apollo twin but not sure if it would be possible to take full advantage of the audio interface in m+.


  • Nico_NI
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  • rmou
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    Hi @Nico_NI,

    Well i saw that but i'm a pretty recent m+ user and stayed where i started: lost.

    There's no mention whatsoever to m+ in that tutorial. No sure what they mean by "standalone". I guessed it was for maschine software and not sure if it could be "exported" to m+. Can you confirm that indeed what i do in the software will then be "transported" to the m+?

  • tetsuneko
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    edited April 2022

    Ah yes, I see what UA did here.

    Since Maschine does not have PDC (plugin delay compensation), what normally happens when you insert a UAD plugin is that any Maschine track with a UAD plugin on it gets delayed by the amount of latency caused by that specific UAD plugin. The only way to avoid this latency is to route any audio from Maschine into the UA Apollo's Console Virtual Channels, and then back into Maschine.This is because Console plugins do not introduce latency in the same way as VST/AU based UA plugins.

    Bear in mind, that the above trick only works with UA Apollo audio interfaces, and only using Maschine desktop. UA Apollos do not work as audio interfaces with Maschine+ running in standalone, as far as I know. If you wanted to use UA plugins of an Apollo with M+ running standalone, you need to use a class conpliant USB audio interface with an ADAT output connected to M+, connect the ADAT cable from that audio interface into your Apollo and then you'd need to record the Console tracks with a computer.

    No way to have it all work just with M+ alone running in standalone, unless you start playing with the big boys' toys and invest into a highend digital mixer system and utilize one of those fancy MADI-based UAD rack processors.. this would set you back about 5000-10, 000€ 😱

  • Nico_NI
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    Well, if you want to know if you can use UAD plugins in Maschine Plus' standalone mode, the answer is no unfortunately. You'll have to be connected via USB to your computer.

    I would suggest to check a few of our tutorials to get started with M+:

  • rmou
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    Geez man, don't throw more problems into my pitty insignificant life :)

    Gotcha. It's all clear. Thanks a lot for your time.

  • slotunes
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    Can I use UAD Waterfall b3 plugin with my S49 keyboard?newbie help appreciated !Thanks!

  • tetsuneko
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    Yes, but with added latency

  • Kymeia
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    Yes - check out the NKS User Library (in my sig) for a NKS version of this and other UAD Native plugins

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