Kontakt 7 acting very strange, screenshots included

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Alright, so I'm familiar with Kontakt 6, and I've never used Kontakt 7 before, but this is not what I expected after upgrading recently. In order to get an instrument loaded up, I have to go through this really weird process to get to it... First, I click the Library button and it brings me to this screen:

Then I double-click in the main area and it brings me to this default-looking instrument:

After that, I have to click that little wrench up in the left hand corner of this default instrument, and it brings me to this page:

Finally... something vaguely familiar. But what's that default instrument still doing there? Well, let me load one of the instruments and see how it responds:

So now the instrument is loaded and (technically) working properly in the sound department (even though the title of the instrument is still showing the default)... but it shouldn't look like this. Obviously the instrument isn't being handled correctly, for some reason. So, I click on the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of the instrument, and then this happens:

Sweet, I love this... Just what an instrument should look like, right? So, then I have to click back to the Library again, where everything looks 'normal', and then I click the Library icon again to be brought back to this:

...which is what the instrument should actually look like. This can't possibly be the way Kontakt 7 is supposed to work. I'm amazed that it's been a year since its release and I haven't heard more complaints about this kind of thing. Can anyone help me out with this bizarre behavior, or explain what I should be doing differently? How does the program work for you?

I'm running Big Sur on a 2019 Mac, and the previous Mac I had was running Kontakt 6 with pretty much no problems. I'd like to just re-install Kontakt 6 on this newer computer, but it's only showing Kontakt 6 Player in Native Access... Am I missing something?

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