I have registered my KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 HW in Native Access and still have no email for ableton

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Ive taken all the steps necessary in order to Register my product and get a email link so I can get access to Ableton lite. Despite the serial confirmation on native access I haven't received a single email in order to get Ableton lite. I purchased Native Instruments Komplete Audio 1 so I should be able to get Ableton Lite


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    I had exactly same issue with my registration of my keyboard (no Ableton lite !) But just in case you overlooked something then : Open the email Download information for your Native Instruments purchase. If you cannot find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. In the email, scroll down to the Ableton section and click the button GET YOUR LICENSE:

    Otherwise you must contact support and tell them that you didn't get the license for Ableton lite. If they start asking where it says you will get then just send them a screenshot from the webpage saying it.. or just send the screenshot with your contacting support !

    Registration support : contact N.I. registration support so they can work it out: https://bit.ly/NIsupport_RA

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    There is also a page on Ableton site for a situation like this, with a link stating “If you did not receive a Live Lite serial with your new hardware device, you can complete this form to request a replacement.”


    If then you don’t want to wait for NI support or Ableton to respond you, contact me via PM…I have a ton of Live Lite serials not used coming from the various apps/hardwares that give it away for free.

    Or…buy one very cheap app that gives free serials for Live Lite, so you will have your serial AND some fantastic app. One suggestion could be Koala Sampler, wonderful and easy app for iOS or Android… I think it comes at 5 bucks…and if you are on iOS it even has Ableton Export, that will allow you to have fun and produce nice things on your phone that you can then move to your (finally) installed Live Lite in the computer 😉

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