Ability to Add and Jump Between Markers in Kontrol S MK3 DAW Mode?

davinwv Member Posts: 16 Member

I just got an NI Kontrol S61 MK3 and was so impressed with the onboarding of the controller in Studio One 6.5! Both DAW and Plugin modes *just worked*. I didn't even have to add any devices at all.

One question, though - Would it be possible to support inserting and skipping to markers in the NI DAW integration for Studio One in a future update? I use "Marker Mode" on my FaderPort all the time to drop and skip to markers, and it would be very cool to have that ability when using DAW Mode on the Kontrol MK3.


  • LostInFoundation
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    I would add a “Feature Request” tag to make it more visible

  • davinwv
    davinwv Member Posts: 16 Member

    It's now too late to edit my post to add that tag.

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