Komplete Kontrol can’t install (Osx 10.13 needed, I’m on 10.12)

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Hi, just bought a M32 and Komplete Kontrol installer tells it needs Osx 10.13.....I’m on 10.12 and NI is selling it as fully supported on 10.12.....I only need an older version of Komplete Kontrol, 2.30 should be fine, but can’t find any download links. Thanks for the help !

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    Thanks a lot, here's the page where it states it works with 10.12 (and also with 10.11) :


    Komplete is now installed but....M32 keyboard is not recognised by Komplete, it's grey on the list and can't be selected, the same when I use Komplete alone or in Ableton (everything' ok in the midi configuration), USB connection is fine as M32 is working as a stand alone keyboard. It stays in Midi mode, in MIDI Preferences of Komplete, M32 Komplete is selected in input and output.

    Thanks for the help, I've no idea of the issue

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    Eventually M32 is recognised, by changing USB port and that's it, I re install also Komplete, I don't have any longer the plugins on the left window, don't know why but anyway I can find them in the list.


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