Getting Rid of Kontakt 6 for 7 ???

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I just purchased the Komplete Collector's Edition 14 as an upgrade from Komplete Ultimate 13. I am running this on a Windows-based machine that is also running Pro Tools Studio currently at version 2023.9. I had Kontakt version 5 at one point that became Kontakt 6, and I recall doing a batch re-save to get the instruments from Kontakt 5 to exist in Kontakt 6. Many of the instruments in Kontakt 6 are not visible in Kontakt 7. Can anyone provide insight about keeping more than one version of Kontakt on a machine? For example, the update to Noire requires Kontakt version 7, so I now have to access Kontakt 6 or 7 depending on the instrument or library I am using. Should I convert all of the Kontakt 6 instruments to 7 and remove the version 6? If so, can someone detail the process?



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    Im not sure about Windows but on Mac 6 and 7 are OK both installed. I upgraded from 13 UCE to 14 UCE and I have them both. All my products appear to be there so Im not sure why many of your instruments aren't showing. Of course if you do update any products some can indeed subsequently require K7 and some as you would already know are only K7 eg, hypha.

    If it matters to you, you might want to consider keeping K6 for the sake of compatibility to your own or other peoples projects.

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    I have both on my Windows 10 machine even though I don't really need or use Kontakt 6 any more as all of my plugins are VST3.

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    Sorry , I have no knowledge about running more than one version of Kontakt on same computer, but have these links with respect to "Batch re-saving" :

    if you Batch Resave then make sure to backup your files first because once converted then they can not be used by old version..

    Quote :


    In case you need to open the Library with an older KONTAKT version, use this older version of KONTAKT for the Batch re-save process. If you batch re-save a Library with e.g. KONTAKT 7, it will no longer load in KONTAKT 6, KONTAKT 5, etc.

    Batch re-save should only be used on single Libraries. It is not recommended to batch re-save an entire disk or directory of Libraries.

    How to Batch re-save a KONTAKT Library  :

    How to Batch Resave Kontakt 6.7.1 (solutions for "unable to save" and "missing samples") :

    Can I trust Batch Resave? :

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    You should not need to do a batch resave to use any libraries in Kontakt 7. Have you made sure all your library folders are included in the settings and scanned them all on standalone mode?

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    I am not seeing the "Concert Grand" instrument within Kontakt 7, for example.

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    When I load the "Concert Grand" using Kontakt 6, I am able to see at the very bottom of the Kontakt window that this instrument is a member of the Kontakt Factory Library and it was created by Kontakt version Why am I not seeing this in Kontakt 7?

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    I think the library you're referring to is part of the old Factory Library. Kontakt 7 has a new version, which is Factory Library 2. That's why it's not showing up in Kontakt 7.

    Should I convert all of the Kontakt 6 instruments to 7 and remove the version 6?

    Do you mean replacing your Kontakt 6 instances with Kontakt 7?

    If so, you'll need to open your projects with Kontakt 6 and save all your Kontakt 6 instruments. After that, unload the instance of Kontakt 6, load Kontakt 7 and open the Kontakt 6 instrument in Kontakt 7.

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