How to Batch Resave Kontakt 6.7.1 (solutions for "unable to save" and "missing samples")

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For Windows . . .

Before I figured out the entire process, I had been frustrated multiple time with "can't find this or that", and here is my process for eliminating that. It basically involves temporarily turning off "Read Only" for the folder you're trying to rewrite to.

I've read that sometimes it has something to do with the library's folder structure, so I've made sure that, as often as possible, they match the standard layout. But this hasn't seemed to have any effect.

I only use Batch Resave (BR) on libraries that load slowly enough to cause workflow problems. Thankfully, that ends up being about 5%. Unfortunately, though, I believe BR has to be done one folder/library at a time. I tried once to temporarily allow write access to an entire external drive at once, but during the first library BR, it said "could not save" multiple times. It was worth a shot, but I just did one at a time after that.


In Kontakt, click the folder icon near top right.

Then, in drop down box, choose Batch Resave, and Yes to bypass warning.

The BR explorer window will open.

Navigate to the folder of the library to be Batch Resaved and Single Right click it*, then choose Properties. *(NOTE: Optional keyboard shortcuts for this process, from the Single Right click [above] through "Click APPLY" [below] are R, Space, A, Enter [since R chooses Properties, Space unticks Read Only, A chooses Apply, and Enter executes Apply])

Untick "Read Only" or anything that will keep it from being accessed and/or written over.


Just leave the Properties box open for now, because, if you click Okay on the Properties box before starting BR, it will return the state of the folder contents to "protected/read only" state, and the BR process will usually fail from not being able to overwrite the files inside.

Wait for any processing (it will be quick, usually a few seconds or just a flash). 

Leaving the Properties box OPEN for now, select the folder again in the BR explorer window and click OK to start the process. It may take just a few seconds or a few hours, depending on the library. It will be worth the wait in the long run. Although, I'm actually currently on hour 30 for Sonuscore - The Orchestra. This is by far the absolute slowest I have ever had. Never seen more than 3 hours. This needs to be worth it!

If Kontakt says there are any files missing, click "Browse for Folder" and it will usually choose the correct folder automatically (the library you're already Batch Resaving), so you can usually just click Okay and the process will continue. If it keeps asking to locate the missing file(s), either find them or figure out what else is the problem (incomplete installation, corrupt files) and fix it, or cancel BR, fix the issue, and try again.

When it's finished,the BR progress box will disappear, and NOW you can click Okay on the Properties box.  

Now, when you open an instrument, it will usually just snap into place in a matter of seconds. The only thing you'll be waiting on is possibly the instrument to fully load its samples into memory.

Hope this helps.



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