How does Traktor pro 3 look like in full screen mode with Apples notch?

Miles Hi
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Hi, I have been using Traktor for around 15 years now.

I had 2 Macbook Pros, but my latest one is getting on now and I´m thinking of getting a new laptop.

All my computers are windows, except for DJing, and the laptop would be used for Traktor pro 3.

Due to price and spec, I´m doubting between an XPS 15 (with ips screen) with 32gb and 512gb and a macbook air 15" 16gb and 512gb, that both have a similar price tag where I live.

I would have gone for the XPS, but stability is the most important factor, and only once in 15 years has the MBP let me down, and that was because it totally broke beyond repair that day.

Windows now seems much more stable, but still not as much as what I think Apple is.

The thing that bothers me is what does the traktor full screen look like on the MBA?

I don´t really want to lose screen, as my eyes are now not as good as they used to be, and would really like a 16 or 17", but can´t (or donT want to) afford a MBP or anything more expensive than I´m considering now.

Does anybody have an apple with notch and can let me know how much screen they lose when Traktor is set to full screen?




  • c0nsul
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    Traktor on Macbook 14" M1Pro in full screen looks like this. The notch isn´t distracting from full screen apps. It is not even visible with a black background.

    with menubar:

    hidden menubar:

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