Maschine Jam On/Off parameters display issue

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I'm experiencing an issue with Maschine Jam display.

On/Off parameters are not displaying any value changes, it always display Off value for me.

Do you also have this issue?

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  • Kubrak
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    What do you mean by Jam Display? Jam has no display.

  • Guitoune
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    Smart Strips

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @D-One Do you know what might be the issue here?

  • Kubrak
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    I have checked it. Jam works as expected. At least on Win10, if that matters.

    On/Off works on stripes. If I touch 0-50% it sets value to Off and the lowest LED of stripe shines. If I touch above 50%, it sets value to On and all LEDs of stripe shine.

    If there is no LED on on stripe, it means this stripe is not used (has been intentionally skipped) for parameter. It may happen when less than four possitios has been used in previous logical group. I do not know how often that happens, but for example it is used in Noire Kontakt Library.

    My wild guess is that OP has been confused by skipped position and thought it is controll for On/Off, but the real On/Off was one or more positions to the right....

    In case NI ever makes Jam Mk2, please place at least tiny displays above/below stripes so one knows what it controlls... Now, one has to count the position or just guess which fader is the right one.

  • D-One
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    My guess would be the same as what @Kubrak said.

    Unless OP actually hears the change of whatever is being turned on/off but sees no feedback on the SW GUI but I doubt that would happen, most likely just a misunderstanding of how touch strips work when used for toggles.

  • Peter Harris
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  • Kubrak
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    Well, NI says not in foreseen future.

    MK3 is almost 5 years old, still perfect, but show must go on. No replacement for Studio or Jam. Maschine 2 needs major changes.

    Not beeing Maschine Plus (2 years since release) time would be ripe for new generation of HW and SW soon.

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