Remapping Programs after Reinstalling Windows / Native Access- no way to remap

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I have the NI 14 collector's group. I have this all stored on a hard drive separate from my C drive. I had to reinstall windows and lost my Native Access program download. When I got windows back up and running and then re-downloaded and logged into Native Access- it doesn't have a mechanism to remap to the already downloaded files for most programs. Well, for some reason about 5% of these do have a "locate" option next to them and I can remap. But the majority of these only have an "install" button next to them. There is no option at the top or elsewhere to remake them either as a group or individually.

I've went in by hand to try and reinstall these but it keeps timing out.

Is there a better way to do this that isn't in the literature- I'm not seeing it.

Thanks much



  • Milos
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    If the folder location is bothering you, make a custom desktop folder specificaly for NI plugins, then go to the File Management and just change the location of at least one folder to this desktop folder you created.

    I had similar issue with Kontakt 7 full version installing.

    I did just that and it helped.

    Hope it helps you too.

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