I have now Dropped NI

DJ MickyTeK
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I have now Dropped NI, company has become a nightmare joke.

I certainly would not recommend them to anyone.

Maschine mk3 pile of crashing *****

Traktor S8 dropped for pile of old acquainted Mk2 added couple of sliders and called it Mk4

Software update so slow the kit becomes unusable

No wonder Pioneer are the top Leader,, I am purchasing the Pioneer CDJ3000 and their new Mixer and Never again will I touch anything to do with NI, selling all my NI kit asap before the prices crash


  • PoorFellow
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    Hope that you will be more lucky with the Pioneer brand investments ! 🙂

  • jt maher
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    Don’t sell your NI gear now! You will get barely half of what you paid for it originally at this moment….I would wait a few months to a year after they release whatever this supposed new maschine hardware/software that’s coming… It will be so buggy, and bad people will want the mk3 back! You can get a mint mk3 for like 250$-300$ right now on reverb. As for your other NI gear not to sure about. Also my friend has pioneer cdj3000, and a cdj2000 we both agree the 2000 is way better. The 3000 is not worth the price… Save your money and find a used mint 2000 for a good price. Peace

  • ozon
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    @jt maher proposed

    wait a few months to a year after they release whatever this supposed new maschine hardware/software that’s coming…

    With nothing new supposed to come in the foreseeable future, that will be a loooooong wait…

  • D-One
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    Good luck with your new journey. I waited a long time for a Traktor Z3, gave up, and ended up with a Pioneer DJM S7 and I am quite happy with it.

    Controller prices won't increase with new releases no matter how "bad" they might be, sell everything now If you really want out of the ecosystem. The more you wait the less value what you own will have, unless a miracle happens... an MK3 is just a common digital controller not some kind of vintage low production run standalone to ever increase in value.

  • Isotoxin
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    What about OP is blabbering with lines of Traktor S8 mk2 and mk4?

  • basehead617
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    “bye, can i have your stuff?”

  • Jiglo
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    Unusual post/goodbye note, leaving a production and DJ package for a purely DJ package because your production package is flaky (on your system) and your DJ gear isn't as good as one that costs many times more, ie it's not a like for like swap?

    Probably a much wiser decision moving away from DJ controllers though as they all have the inherent flaw in that they're only good for as long as they're supported by the manufacturer, the software vendor and the computer system you use. I've had motorised decks (V7's) that lasted me 2 or 3 years before they got left behind. Taught me a valuable and expensive lesson that 1210/1200s are the best value, followed by CD decks. I've owned Technics turntables over 30 years and only had to swap one out after I dropped a monitor on the tonearm.

    I do use a S9 mixer these days, but it's hard to believe now that Pioneer mixers were some of the worst sounding pieces of garbage going in the DJM500/600 days when there were countless better options, but they became the standard in a lot of clubs because of their CDJs being the standard.

  • filip pietrzykowski
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    I remember selling my AKAI MPC, 3000 I sold ca 15 years ago....today it still keep the same price, maybe even a bit higher.

    I sold my MPC2500 ca 8 years ago - today it keeps the price...

    Maschine, every year loose the value....it must be a reason for that.

    ...and I am not complaining here, just an observation

  • Jiglo
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    Well, the obvious difference is a MK3 is a controller, so it's lifespan is determined by continued support.

    Some still sell for a good price though, but ebay prices can highly fluctuate. I think one sold today for £50 less than I bought mine for new, so a lot better than some gear, but that's probably a good day.

    MPC 2500 prices rise and fall too. I've sold one, my ltd edition years ago and still have one and sometimes think about selling it, so I occasionally look up the resale price every few months, then change my mind.

    The 3000 though is probably the most highly desirable in the range

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