Why is 1st beat missing on loop of Mikro mk3

mts52 Member Posts: 12 Member

When I start a loop from Logic Pro the first beat plays fine.

When it loops around anything that is supposed to play on the first beat is silent.

From searching for a solution I saw this problem has never been fixed.

Hope someone knows what the fix is.



  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser Member Posts: 240 Pro

    I'm not sure I understand the problem, but this sounds more like something caused by Logic rather than Maschine. Because if I set up a loop within Maschine while using Ableton Live then it doesn't matter where anything is located, all my notes play no matter what.

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,664 mod

    A million things could be happening... Post a screenshot.

  • mts52
    mts52 Member Posts: 12 Member

    I have established that this only happens when I choose Host (Logic Pro) in the midi output settings.

    When it is on none the problem is not there. In searching the net I saw others reporting the same problem.

    As soon as I choose host the first beat is only played once. Does not play when it loops around.

    Well I just set all channels to host and it is now fine. Seems to be intermitent.

    Also this was after restarting Maschine 2. That may have fixed it.

    Will try to investigate further.

    Thanks for the replies.

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