Mac M2 Ultra unusable with Logic

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Hi all,

I’m working on an album in Logic with 8 complicated projects that all use multiple NI instruments and plugins. I’ve managed to get by on my 2019 MacBook Pro and 2017 iMac Pro reasonably well by a combination of bouncing in place and freezing tracks and careful use of my audio settings but it was getting troublesome so I purchased and M2 Ultra with 64 gig ram. I’m running my NI library on an external SSD and there are no drive I/O issues.

The new Mac is a nightmare. It’s constantly cracking and popping and spiking and grinding to a halt and forcing me to freeze more tracks than I was before - and is basically not usable.

Is anyone else having similar issues? I’m on Ventura since NI doesn’t recommend Sonoma yet.



  • Paule
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    Why don't you test or ask about a new machine/OS before you change your system?

  • tashley
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    I did ask.

  • Joost van Halm
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    I also have a new MacBook Pro running Sonoma, with the M2 Pro / 2TB SSD / 32GB memory. Most of my projects also have a lot of cracking and popping and skiping. It seems more with my now projects than the ones that are in the presets.

    It is almost as if my SSD is too slow or other processes are taking up CPU time.

    I didn't have these issues on my 2020 i7 MacBook Pro running Ventura (this one suffered from terrible issues when Guitar Rig 6 was visible, the GPU just couldn't handle it).

    If anybody has a pointer about how to solve this, I would very much like to hear it. If not I just have to wait for a Sonoma compatible version of Maschine 2.

  • Ray123
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    Same specs but no cracking, popping and spiking issues here...not at all (however a couple of other issues...)

  • Kymeia
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    @Tim_NI just posted they have identified a potential cause for this so will be issuing a bug fix soon

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