Software "tweak" and one final version (2.9.5) as a nod to the MK2/1 user base?

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I doubt there are many here who don't believe MK3 and NKS2 are ultimately going to be a great improvement. And the future looks bright. I personally am very excited about the new gear, and I even excitedly predicted direct connection to Kontakt was forthcoming when I saw Kontakt 7. I have been waiting for KK3.0 and the MK3 for years just like many of you. All good on that front and I even get that it will take time to get it working perfectly.

The anger/disappointment isn't about any of that road map. It is a hard-coded human response that we all have when we feel we have been "jilted" or "wronged" somehow. By that I mean that all Native Instruments had to do was throw us all a bone or 2 and many would have been satisfied. Just a simple minor thing like making the preset window bigger so we don't have to use D-One's hack every time there was an update. Just a little love would have gone a long way and it is as simple as that.

I cannot speak for all, but I feel it would be right and proper if Matt/Team were to allocate just a bit of resources to take care some of those simple things and issue one more version (2.9.5) as a nod to the MK2/1 user base. Not new features per se, just tweaks to the existing software! This will make so many of us happy in the meantime and give the NI Team time to get the new kit and software up to speed. And once they get it up to speed, most of us will no doubt migrate. But there is nothing wrong with giving us a bit of love in the meantime. That is what customer service is supposed to be all about!


You could poll the user base to ascertain the most requested tweaks that are "reasonable" under the circumstances. We are all intelligent and understand that dynamic window resizing is not possible and as such is slated for 3.0. But if it is something that we users can fix ourselves with Kontakt scripts or changing a few numbers in the komplete kontrol.exe/.dll files, then those should certainly be on the table.

Had you done this, NI, I think you could have avoided this flack you are getting now and it isn't too late. It would be a little bit of pain for a lot of gain, particularly on the good will front.

I hope you will consider this or something similar as it is certainly not too late.




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    I'm also aware about that inofficial hack, just modifying two values within the KK application/plugin in order to define a larger window size, and I already tried that out by myself. In principle it will work great; however, I just noticed one big downside by doing so; and that doesn't make me feel very convenient:

    In case an application like KK will appear to be not "genuine" anymore wthin the NI environment, special IP communication will take place towards NI servers, reporting that a particular application has been altered in some way. That will even happen if the so-called "data tracking feature" has been turned off. At least that's what I experienced by looking at my firewall warnings. Of course, I immediately reverted back to the "original" KK application, as I don't want to get blacklisted by NI someday because of trying to improve an application by myself.

    That's why I fully agree with you. Such simple changes - which have been requested for a long time by users as I can see - could be very easily implemented within just a few minutes only. In fact, it wouldn't even require further development on NI's side if they were just willing to support such an approach in their next KK V2.9.5 release (if this is really going to happen in the near future).

    About the rest of the obviously planned features in KK V2.9.5 I'm not sure at all. That's why I already raised a related question to Tim_NI in the thread "" in order to get some more details on NI's plans, especially about the contents and actual improvements which have been announced to be in that "final" 2.X release.

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    Matt did not utter one single word in any of his posts that implied that they had any intention of doing any more work on KK 2.x (unless I missed it?) but we can keep asking/pressing about the tweaks.

    That said, I think that MK2 3rd party light guide support being broken by 3.0 is due to the new platform and will take a bit of effort to get it back. fingers crossed.

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