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Jono Rezzillo
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When bouncing a group audio im getting asked to stop and change the sample rate , never before happened in 2 years ( therefore now prevents me getting my audio and have to force quit each time. only a new hic up. October 2023

PS I'll re try another project incase ive tweaked the params


Wondering if someone can give me a quick fix..

M2 Studio Max 64 gig Ram


  • LostInFoundation
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    Only suggestion I can think of (albeit probably useless) is to open Kontakt 7 in standalone (checking settings, letting it build its libraries,…) and then try again to use it as a plugin.

    But as I said, difficultly it will be useful, even because used as a plugin not all its settings are used. Sample rate should be the ones for the DAW, not the ones of k7.

    Worth a try anyway?

  • D-One
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    edited October 17

    When the sample rate is changed mid session this happens in Kontakt, for some reason Maschine is changing the samplerate value when exporting/drag-and-drop, a bug i'd say.

    Go to File>Export, change the sample rate to match whatever value you have in the Preferences> Audio, see if that helps.

    If not then try to disable "Always use Latest version of NI Plugs" option in Preferences> Plugins.

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