Cremona Quartet sustain issues

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Hi everyone. I'm having some issues with the Cremona quartet on Kontakt - if I play a note on the actual Kontakt piano roll it sounds great, but using my MIDI keyboard or even the Ableton piano roll produces a short weak sound on virtuoso mode, and no sound at all on the other modes.

Using the multi-mic version seems to help a bit with all of them except the cello, but that is basically unusable until I figure this out. Not having this issue on any of the other plugins I've used so far from NI (using Komplete 13 Ultimate).

I understand this may be a compatibility issue, as I'm using a MacBook M1, but haven't seen anything about this in the forums. Is anyone else having this issue?

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  • djchimneysparrow
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    UPDATE: I was able to get the Cremona Quartet working on an empty project. Upon further investigation, looks like there's an issue with disk usage - I've been getting numerous low memory warnings (not sure why I neglected to mention that part earlier, except issue seemed confined to a few plugins), and the disk usage sometimes hits 100% even if that's the only track loaded. Going to open a ticket, and start a new thread targeting the disk issue.

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    Thanks for sharing the update. That's indeed strange, but compatibility issues can really be anything.

    Let us know if you get more insights from our support 🙏

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