Native-Instruments does not load - WIZARDS are worse than useless.

Tony Matthews
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Native-Instruments does not load - WIZARDS are useless and so is the recommend solution, i.e. download NTK Demon v1.13 is useless as well. Every time NA upgrades there is a problem, updating NTKDemon usually fixed this. It this is the case there should be a 1.14 around.

Anyone else had this issue, and how did you get around it, which has got to be the most amateurish installation routine I've ever come across.

Just wondering of NA has money issues as they are they appear to be trying to save money. but not having any contactable support staff.

Yes, I am annoyed / cross/ frustrated with NA.



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    Quote : "Native-Instruments does not load"

    What ? , what is a "Native-Instruments" ? Are you by any chance referring to Native Access ? , Komplete Kontrol ? , or what ?

    Nobody can try to assist you if they have no idea what the 'job' is , Are you on PC or MAC ? Are you using Windows or a MAC OS ? , in any case state the OS , state the name and version (if you know) of the involved software...

    People may understand that you are "annoyed / cross/ frustrated" , but you should not let it get the better of you so that you becomes so diffuse that you leave out any needed info !

  • Tony Matthews
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    My apologies. I meant Native-Access. I had just had a worse than useless experience trying to issue a support ticket, for which there appears to be no method of doing so. So, NI was upper most in my mind rather than NA.

    Now you know it's NA I am referring to do you have an answer for my issue? :-)

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    Hi Tony,

    Sorry to learn about your continued frustration and not very satisfying experience. As I wrote initially you would have to provide a lot more details to give any insight into your problem for people to even start guessing. And alas, in your frustration you did again not do so ! Most often for people to even start guessing you would have to provide information in details about your hardware platform , OS and OS version and versions of software included (including N.A. if you know) , and what original problem is and what you are trying to achieve..

    Anyway , maybe you need the help of support (though they may take time to get back to you) : you can get in touch with N.I. support here: they can help with Native Access (Alas the usual resident Native Instruments forum customer service person is on a hitaus / personal time off / holiday and will not be back until next month and can not be called for help)

    (You ought to be able to get create a ticket to get in contact with N.I. support through the link above but if not then tell so and and maybe the 'emergency' Moderator can help you create a ticket)

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