Z2 and S2 setup heaphone out conundrum


Hi There,

I'm using a Z2 heading into my laptop (to allow for using Scratch and Analog vinyl) with My S2 Mk3 into the USB of the Z2. However, I can only get a headphone output from the Z2 and the Cue buttons don't work (I guess as it's not coming through a specific channel). How can I set up this layout so that I can also get a headphone out signal from the S2? My setup is quite hefty (Maschine, Komplete, Z2, Turntables and the S2!) so reaching across the S2 to use the Z2 for the headphone panning isn't ideal...

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  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,648 Expert

    Traktor only supports a single audio interface at a time. You can get around this buy using 3rd party software and aggregated devices, but that can be messy and error prone.

    What do you need the s2 for that you can't do on the z2?

  • DancefloorTerrorist
    DancefloorTerrorist Member Posts: 4 Member

    Not much to be honest, but there will be three of us playing back to back and the S2 is a bit more tactile than the Z2 shift+Button combinations. Though why Traktor discontinued the Z2 I will never understand. Best bit of kit out of the lot.

    I'll search up the aggregate option. Wonder if One of the Komplete Audio boxes might hep with this...


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