NKS compatible "Spitfire Audio Plugins" no longer shown in "Komplete Kontrol 3.0"



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    btw I see no difference between BBC Symphony Orchestra (Free) behaviour in KK2.9 (VST2) and KK 3.1 (VST3) - I have both on my system and the expanded view opens in both using the clickable arrows in the top right of the GUI, and in neither do I see any additional controls in Komplete Kontrol - not in the view menu nor a plus in the header (which NI use to expand their own plugins). Maybe this is only a problem with the more advanced versions?

    From reading the manual I see you can also set Expanded view to open in all instances of all Spitfire plugins (that use their own plugin) in options

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    In my case, like others, with Komplete Kontrol 3.1.1, when using the "Spitfire" brand tab, I am still not seeing:

    Abbey Road One, Abbey Road Two, BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro, Eric Whitacre Choir, Eric Whitacre EVO Grid, Hammers, HZ Strings, Orbis, Cimbalom, Acoustic Soft Piano, Firewood Piano, Rare Flutes, Polairs.

    What they all have in common is that they are all spitfire players that do not use Kontakt.

    FWIW, I am using Sonoma on a Mac Studio M2, though I also had this issue when using Ventura and KK 3.01 a few months ago.

    My solution has been that I created a Keyboard Maestro shortcut that types in the word "Spitfire" in the search bar in Komplete Kontrol and that then shows every library associated with Spitfire, whereas clicking on the brand-tab for search does not.

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    Wonder why the BBC Symphony Orchestra free version appears under the brand tab when the full version doesn’t?

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    BBCSO only shows as 1 thumbnail because the Spitfire plugin MODE button allows you to freely swap between Discover, Core and pro from within the plugin (depending on your licence of course). If you own PRO, you get access to Core and Discover automatically. Many users use Discover to start a piece (light on resources) and then switch up to Core when the want ALL the articulations and PRO is mainly addition of a million mic position options.

    If I recall correctly, my Discover thumbnail didn't update from the white skin to the Pro black skin when I updated to Pro. It only updated later when I deleted the database and did a fresh rescan.

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    Hi all,

    Is anyone else not having Lightguide in Komplete Kontrol with BBCSO?


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    Yes, here too the lightguides no longer respond on BBCSO Core.

    I only installed Core but the Presets are shown as Discover (???).

    Loading a Discover Preset makes the Lightguides work but I have to manually switch to Core by selecting a Preset, even the same one.

    If I switch to Core (manually) I lose the lightguides.

    All this makes KK useless.

    KK 3.2.1 - Windows 11

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