Traktor can't analyze tracks



I'm new to Traktor so this might be a simple question because I'm doing something wrong, but it's driving me nuts!

I've downloaded some tracks from Apple Music (m4p format) and I can understand that it is simply not possible to work with this file format in Traktor. So I've converted the files and imported them into Traktor. And from here the problems begin. The software can't analyze the tracks and when I try to load them into the decks, they're broken and very short. Like 1 second or so. Furthermore, the analysis haven't done its job, because there are no data on the file (no BPM, no nothing).

I've tried to convert the m4p files into all sorts of other formats (MP3, WAV, AIFF, M4A and others), but it's the same thing every time.

I'm on a Macbook Pro and my operating system is macOS Monterey 12.5. My software is Traktor Pro version 3.10.71 and my hardware is a Traktor Kontrol S4 (a used one, roughly 9 years old).

Have anyone experienced something similar and/or do you know how to solve this issue?

Thank you! :)



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