Traktor Pro 3 can't control MBP volume


As the title says, my X1 MK3 arrived (yay!) and I installed Traktor Pro 3.

Now I was able to install TP3 on macOS Sonoma, everything went fine, until I started playing music... I'm just not able to turn off the volume of my MacBook Pro when the music is playing?

I turned it off and tried to connect my wireless headphone but that isn't working. The music keeps playing trough the MBP speakers!

Anyone got some advice? Thanks!




  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,555 Expert

    You have to select the right audio device in the settings. After you select it, you probably also need to setup the routing.

    Bluetooth will have delay, which can hinder the experience.

    I'm not even 100 sure it will work with Bluetooth devices.

  • Andy Lemaire
    Andy Lemaire Member Posts: 43 Member
    edited October 13

    Yea I've found the MBP issue, but I can't get my Bluetooth to work indeed. Same goes for AirPlay.

    Can someone confirm? Since @lord-carlos isn't sure...

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