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2 days ago I opened Native Access (I have a license for Komplete 10, incl upgrade) for the first time in at least a couple of months and allowed it to update 4 or 5 programs, including Native Access itself. It appeared to be successful and I closed it. Yesterday I purchased and downloaded a Spitfire Audio package that uses Kontakt, but upon attempt to activate its serial in Native Access, found that NA will not open. It starts to open, showing my credentials, then crashes. Upon one attempt, it crashed my computer. I tried installing the update again(by downloading from NI to be certain) and same thing...crashes. My Win10 updates is on pause and its OS has definitely not updated in the past week. It is also not a capacity issue. I run my DAW and its plugins on a gaming computer with currently 450 Gb free storage on the OS drive, and 4 other 2TB digital drives for sound libraries, none of which are close to capacity. My system has 64Gb of RAM and has a 3.5Gh Ryzen 5 AMD CPU. I know what I am doing and there is a lot of stuff going on here with no other problems aside from not being able to use my newly purchased library because of a flawed NA update and it being very difficult to contact NI.  I can assure you that in the (less than) 24 hours between NA update and my opening NA again with the intention of activating a 3rd party license, NOTHING CHANGED...NO WINDOWS UPDATES, NO NATIVE INSTRUMENTS UPDATES.

I see other similar recent problems with NA that NI Support just continues to try to blow off a genuine NI issue by telling the subscriber/licensee that the problem is on THEIR end.



Myself and many of the others with these complaints HAVE PAID FOR THESE LICENSES, and when your UPDATES FAIL, YOU NEED TO LISTEN AND FIX. And if you are aware of the issue and working on it, JUST SAY IT!

If you just want to continue to be defiant, first start with the quality of the Support setup that exists on this site, and try to explain that. Try to blame the community for THAT. Your chat is dead, your tickets are inaccessible, there is no connection with reported issues within one's account. 24 hours later, after 3 attempts to create a ticket from WITHIN MY ACCOUNT (using MY credentials with which I purchased KOMPLETE 10 plus upgrade 2 years ago, credentials with which I am logged in to NA software for my licensing), I receive back NO confirmation emails regarding the 3 ticket attempts(no, not in spam), until after my FOURTH attempt today, AFTER WHICH I RECEIVED AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION OF THAT TICKET CREATED TO AN EMAIL THAT IS NOT EVEN ASSOCIATED WITH MY ACCOUNT.

Furthermore, the ticket links contained in the email ARE DEAD LINKS--even while logged in to my account. And, I have not heard back after my replies to that email, which supposedly get appended to the ticket (but I do not know, as I have no access to the ticket).

So here I am with all of the others who have legitimate support issues but have nowhere else to go for support (because NI has become a BLACK BOX licensor), and we are all being told in your 'tech' responses that 'we' are the source of our problems.

(1) Make your support ticketing work, make your support emails work, and make the communications around it accessible from within the user account.

(2) Make your chat work

(3) Make your bad update of Native Access work and stop blaming the community for bad programming. Short of that, you are hijacking our paid licenses, including 3rd party products that you didn't even create,


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    Hey Charles,

    Our team is on it and we'll be in touch again shortly. Please note that we've responded to all your requests literally minutes after you messaged us but things can take some time to be solved.

    I would also suggest to check our code of conduct for this community:

    I understand getting stuck with updates can be frustrating but this is not a space for you to vent. Our community is here to help and these sort of threads aren't usually the best way forward.

    Our issue will be solved via email. This thread is closed.

    Thank you.

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