VSTs not showing up, and Maschine not working, after downloading Native Access.

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Hi, today I downloaded native access to update my Maschine Studio software, and try to get access to some of the other plugins I had such as the TRK-01 bass and Rickenbacker bass. After downloading Native Access and installing these products, there are no VST files in the folders I specified, which were

C://Program Files/VST3 for the 64 bit plugins,

C://Program Files/Native Instruments/VST Plugins 32 bit for 32 bit plugins.

I realise that my computer should use the 64 bit plugins, however NONE of the plugins are showing up in any of these folders.

I can see the old Maschine 2 and Maschine 2 FX .dll files in C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit

But now my Maschine Studio also doesn't work. When I try to load a sound or drum kit, an error message appears saying "Please activate Maschine 2 via Service Center!". I am aware that Service Center is obsolete and it should be going through Native Access, but Service Center wouldn't connect to internet, and Native Access didn't give me any more options. I had updated everything properly, after setting the correct folders that I wanted. Do I uninstall Service Center? And what do I do in Native Access to give me access to all my plugins and make the VSTs show up?



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    Hey @JT123

    Are you using the Maschine software in standalone ? If not, please try it, do you have the same issue ?

    1st think to double check is if you have entered the correct email address and password in Native Access. Then you can check where the latest version of the plug-ins are installed in Native Access for every plug-in:

    Then check that the file is in the specified folder, see if this folder is in your Maschine preferences, Plug-ins, Locations.

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    Any updates @JT123? 🙂

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