ID3 Tags & Cover art ERROR

Startiel Member Posts: 37 Member

Hi, I've been dealing with this problem since I got into Traktor in 2022.

And also I sometimes get this: "COVER ART HAS AN UNSUPPORTED FILE TYPE"

Is there any way to fix it? What causes this? Any answer are appreciated!


  • Anselm.
    Anselm. Member Posts: 29 Member

    there are various versions of ID3 tags and some editors don't write them correctly. Same goes for image formats (or anything else included in the meta). You migh need to rewrite the tags (which many might actually recommend)

    I'm not an Apple guy but for Win I'd say look eg. into foobar2000 which shows a lot more information on the file, incl. used formats. There is a mac version which lacks a lot of technical features from last time I looked. It has a lot of options for automatizing a lot of the task. There is also a batch delete pictures. If you need to fix some old mp3 which got corrupted in the meantime it can help...

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