Maschine (still?) Not Copying Sustain Pedal Messages with MIDI Notes

Dean Papoutsis
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RE: Maschine Studio / Software 2.14.7 / Apple M1 Mac Mini / Yamaha MX88 Synth Keyboard

As a novice piano player, I am making some mistakes as I try to record my piano "performances" which include sustain pedal data. The Maschine Sampler feature records them perfectly and they play back perfectly. Yet when I need to cut only a "good" portion out of my pattern (from a mix of good and bad ones), to the beginning of a new track, I have issues.

The software allows me to copy the MIDI notes correctly, however:

A. It does not paste ANY sustain pedal data, or

B. If I get a copy and paste to transfer the sustain pedal data, it is incorrect (values are less than 64, while during the actual performance they were from 1-127.)

I've read a couple similar posts, one from MCarl, Jun 20, 2012 and another from will4laptop, Nov, 2015--if I understand both, they did not seem to find satisfactory solutions.

Any suggestions on how to copy and paste a "good" part of a pattern to another location with the correct sustain pedal data?

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