Logic Input Monitoring Cutting Of Native Instruments Mashine & Komplete

deep c
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Ive recorded some external synth parts in logic pro, i have the input monitoring armed on these parts! when i load a instance of native instruments maschine or Komplete the sounds are chocked (cut short) if i unarm the input monitoring i can play the sounds okay,

1) If i have input monitoring armed, and select my native instruments track i can't play it.

2) If i unarm the input monitoring and play in some midi on the native instrumets track its okay,

3) IF i have input monitoring armed and i'm not on the native instrument track its plays, as soon as i selt the native instruments track it goes off.

Has anyone else had issues like this ?

Thanks D!


  • Milos
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    Hmm, I have never seen the issue like this before...

    Is the problem in the audio, Midi or the audio engine?

    Or maybe you did not reinstalled the NI plugins.

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