Can you automate Lock States with Maschine Studio?

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I watched a great Blezz Beats video, (1340) Maschine | Pro hack: Lock states to record track mutes and more - YouTube, where he showed a workaround for Maschine Plus to Record Lock state changes using a clip that extends throughout the whole song. I cant find any settings where I can link midi changes to Lock like you can in Maschine plus or MK3. IS there a way it can be done with Maschine as the slave to another DAW? This would be the last workaround I need to have the Maschine setup I want. Thanks in advance!



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    normally if you have already set the lock states....

    within midi-change... you would set the midi channel and then the lowest note of that channel will trigger the lockstate

    so just check your channel... and the pad's note value is set to the lowest(each note chromatically will trigger the following lockstate

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    Hardware doesn't matter, it’s a software feature. Everything Blezz is doing on the controller you can do in the SW GUI.

    Go to: File “MIDI Change” select the port, then all the MIDI settings are on the PAD IO section.

    Yes, you can also do it with MAS plug-in, just send the right notes to it, on the right MIDI channel and it should work.

    Its the same process as for switching Scenes described here:

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    Excellent thanks very much lads, much appreciated!

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