maschine as a instrument rack performance

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HI all,

I'm an old owner of kore2 discontinued product

I own maschine and komplete 13 and I want to make a performance switching/mixing instruments (piano, organ, strings, violino solo) using a midi keyboard

with kore2 I fire up some channels and filter/modify and route midi signals to the instrument(s) and every preset is changing tempo and all those routings on the fly.

with program change (using a midi pedal) I can change sounds on the fly without leaving hands from keyboard, for example:

preset1=>c1-f2 piano & strings f2#-g8 violin solo ignoring all ccs (like pedal listening only keys)

preset2=>all chords organ

preset3=> all chords piano & strings (with a transformer changing velocity to not hit more than 15)

and others...

I'm not able to do this inside maschine2

I can setup sounds loading an instrument and listen to a fixed midi input/channel and change instrument changing midi channel but I cannot filter keys/ccs and/or mix them

and use some sort of midi signal to switch between different setups..

is it a personal limitation or maschine is not created to make those setups?

thanks to all that will read this and give me some hint...


  • tonyhouse
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    mmm a lot of silence here...

    is it a wrong question?

    how You build Your vst(s) performances on stage?

    in the past I used kore and now I reinstalled it and I can use it inside maschine standalone to get what I want + have the possibility to build some rithmic pattern inside maschine

    but I wanted to use only 1 product

    I see around softwares to do so like

    cantabile/ VST Live Elements / freestyle / rack performer

    but I wanted to know how You use (possibly inside NI software world) to accomplish this task

    using maschine inside a daw (like live/reaper) will loose possibility to control the song...

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    Thsi sounds like something the new Soma Instruments Metaconformer could do when paired with Maschine and your controllers:

  • D-One
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    Maschine is really not built with all that in mind, some things might be possible others not really.

    Some things to note:

    • Maschine ignores MIDI Channels for CC's, so different channels will never work, it bunches them all together.
    • There's zero custom MIDI filtering and especially not the ability to set velocity ranges. (the only way to do is If the instrument itself supports that)
    • I'm not sure what you mean by "changing tempo on the fly.", Maschine supports no tempo changes at all unless it's hosted in a DAW or synced via MIDI/Link, so tempo changes have to be external or manually entered (by literally changing it or tap tempo).
    • Program change can only be assigned to Macro knobs or recorded into Pattern Modulation (implies triggering those patterns to trigger the Program Change), AFAIK.

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    I think you could do all this and more with Apple Main Stage on macOS.

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    The lack of MIDI CC channel filtering was the reason why I just changed the Maschine application. It was just to much fiddling for me with Cantabile and pizmidi plugins.

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