Ensemble to scramble sample slices of unequal lengths?

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Dear friends

it is years since I have dipped my toe into the amazing depths of the reaktor user library. Is anyone aware of an ensemble that can do the following?

Take a sample with slices of unequal lengths (e.g., a sample chopped by peak detection) and play all the slices back in a different order, but each at its correct length, one right after the other?

This means the slices can't just be triggered by an internal or external sequencer, because that would make them all the same length. They would either get truncated if they're longer than the sequencer resolution, or a gap would appear after the slice if it's shorter.

If I haven't explained this clearly LMK. Here's a slightly silly example of what I'm hoping to do. If you imagine the melody "happy birthday to you", the notes are (if I give them each one letter per beat)


I want to chop that at the note onsets, and then be able to scramble it up somehow and play back variations including things like




and so on. (In my dreams, I can noodle some parameter and produce lots of variations quickly.)

You will also note that with what I am hoping to do, all of the variations come out to be exactly the same length.

Please LMK if some mad scientist has built something like this and posted it to the user library.. Thanks. I have tried searching for "sample slice scrambler" and the like but there are so many options that I can't tell if what I'm hoping for is out there already or not.

When I think of trying to build something like this myself, the issue of how to play each sample one time only, but in a random order, seems like the kind of thing that would be very easy to do in a programming language like lisp. But otherwise possibly very difficult. Any thoughts about that would be welcome also.

Thanks everybody and as always the generous creators who post their stuff to the user library have my admiration and respect.



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