Assign a Chord to a Pad

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In maschine plus, how can I play a chord in "pad mode"? just like I can set a note, is possible to set a chord?

Right now I'm sampling the chords and assigning to a pad, but is really limiting as each time that I want to change the instruments I need to resample the chords with the new instrument.


  • LostInFoundation
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    It’s not possible to have user chords in Maschine. Just the predetermined set they have put in

  • GoliatGar
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    I think what the OP means is he wants to tap a pad in Pad mode and play the chord he selected in the Chord mode.

    AFAIK that’s not possible as the Pad mode plays the root note you set in the Sampler instrument (plus the semitones up/down you set there).

    It’s not an issue itself, but the way Sampler instrument and the Pad mode work. Other workstations/daw work the same way. For example to do that in Ableton, the Simpler/Sampler don’t offer that feature, but you can add a Chord midi effect to the chain.

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