Maschine mikro mk3 firmware update: plug ins not working

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Hello all,

After I updated the firmware for my Maschine Mikro Mk3, none of the plug ins it came with (Massive, Monark, and Prism) seem to be working. I just got this new drum machine, and it told me to update, but afterwards none of the plug in sounds will load.


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  • Vagus
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    To fix this - file, preferences, then click library and rescan - and do the same for plugins.

  • ChicoxChen
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    I've tried that but it still would pop up the same thing. One thing I have noticed though is when I check out my plugins, it only shows AU plug ins and nothing on VST. From my knowledge, Monark, Massive, and Prism run on VST. Is there something wrong with my software? I am using Mac.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    The culprit turns out to be new content and application locations added in the plugin preferences. Steps in this article help to resolve the issue:

    How to Make MASCHINE 2 Rescan your Default NI Plug-in Paths

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