[OFF TOPIC] Traktor Kontrol D2MK2 concept

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Im very happy that the X1MK3 was released and now I have hope that there is more to come, that was the reason of my idea.

I´m using the KontrolD2 Controller and its really great, BUT... this guys needs an upgrade.

I´ve created something (3D renderings) I'd love, but that's just my taste.

All the cool stuff from the original and some very good features from the "standard" i´ve putted in.

In my opinion it is time for more great hardware for the traktor worriors out there.

What do you think?



  • Fritz
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    I think It took a little to much inspiration from Pioneer with regards to button placement.

    what I love about the D2s are the screen functions, the “back” button and the placement of the hotcues. The beatjump with shift loop is also great.

    Im running DVS so I have 2 12” platters next to it. Basically I only use the D2 for transport and effects. And as I like to throw the laptop closed underneath the booth, D2 is the only controller that gives me the option to do that while still being able to browse my library and playlists.

    What I hate most about pioneer is the placement of the hotcues above the platter. And exactly that is copied in the concept.

    Maybe a jogwheel controller would fit better in the S1 category ;-)

  • Akki.
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    Thank you for comment.

    the idea of the placement of the hotcues is to give short ways between the faders an knobs for performing in STEM or REMIX mode. I was playing with the pioneer ddj1000, and for me was ist a little bit difficult with the Jogwheel and the hotcues, thats another reasen (in my taste) for the placement.

    The touchstrip is really nice, today it could be realized in the touchscreen.

  • Fritz
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    Ive editted my post a little.

    An alternative for the touchstrip can also be 2 denon style little nudge left/right buttons.

  • Akki.
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    your setup is nearly exact of mine. Sometimes i miss the Jogwheel, but the little one like in the s4 are not so pretty for me. And im a child who loves to play, so i need toys, thats why i would love to setup everything, but a timecodesignal in combination of an indicator in the jogwheelscreen would be very helpful and it looks cool ;-)

    A bigger screen for some nice view options would be very nice.

    I hope native continues traktor more, the new x1 was hopefully the upbeat for more DJ hardware.

  • Toltemic
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    Nice product modelling, damn traktor really needs to give us something with screens again. It's a shame they burnt themselves being nearly a decade too soon in product ethos

  • D2Lover
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    Love it. 😍

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