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Can we set a custom mapping on the new x1 mk3 model ? For example the browse knobs set them as a jogweel.



  • fanatax
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    no, that's why I put my X1 MK3 aside and keep waiting until that is possible. It's a joke, I'm really annoyed. 300 Euros sitting there doing nothing. My eye lids are twitching...

  • Stevan
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    X1 MK3 is brand new still. The overmapping capabilities are not usually introduced with initial version that supports a new controller. Those are normally coming in the following versions of Traktor.

  • dariodelima
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    They def need add custom mapping to the MK3 , the fact there is no browser mode is beyond me. At first i thought it would be ok and i could get around it with using a key on my keyboard to toggle it, now having played around with it for a couple of days it just messes up the workflow so i ended up midi mapping the midi mode to use for now, having the tree browse on left encoder and playlist browse on right encoder with the open browser mapped to pressing the encoder and then closing browse when track is loaded. Makes so much more sense that way. especially if you use 4 decks, there is no way to see your track playlist since there is no space on the screen. Downside is the screens do not work in midi and makes it like any other controller you could map out there.

    Another thing i noticed if you have midi mode enabled as in the. (in and out ports selected to MK£) it effects the native mapping lights on effects and cue points when pressed. you need to make sure in and out ports are on none on midi mode mapping if you use the native mapping else le'd's are effected. 😪

    Hoping it comes sooner then later. am sure by now they can see most are asking for it.

  • bizniz
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    2 months later and still no custom mapping.

    Come on NI, that's a joke

  • NitoHCM
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    I just purchased 2 mk3, and what a disappointment I was when I saw that a custom mapping could not be carried out.
    Furthermore, you cannot use a button to switch between cues 1-4 to cues 5-8 as easily as what happened on the mk2.
    Could you please add this function?

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    @Native Instruments

    Editor for Traktor X1 Mk3 urgently needed

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