Stem separation in Maschine

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When is Stem separating gonna be included in Maschine software. It’s way too common in other sampling softwares..


  • Paul Opp
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    We can dream but i think i will buy serato sample for black friday

  • AdelV
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    Serato Sample is really amazing and worka well in Maschine.

  • Jiglo
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    I use Laial for stem separation, which in my opinion is better than SS for that task and allows for a lot more individual instrument stems. I do use Serato Sample too, but it's almost exclusively for it's sampling and other features than the separation, which to me isn't there yet with the best.

  • Astralbeats_225
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    I second this! I have had Serato for about 5 years and was happy to see they gave me the new update with stem separation for free.

  • jt maher
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    Definitely never coming to maschine lol you’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery before that ever happened….Serato sample imo still needs a little work on separation algorithm. It works good on some samples, but for the majority of samples it is not good. Taking the voice out of some samples, and keys/bass works most of the time for very subtle variations. As soon as you isolate any of these though especially the drums out, or try to get the drums completely by themselves… lots of artifacts still. I have faith, serato will continue to develop stems sound wise. It’s definitely not worth the 149$ price tag…Last year they had black friday sale where you could get it for 50$. That was a steal glad I got it then. I don’t see it getting down to that price ever again now that stems is here lol. Couldn’t imagine using maschine sw without serato sample anymore. Once you use serato sample in maschine you will never go back to the sampler in maschine. 

  • dmori
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    I did this video last week and sent it to a friend. Deleted the original, so had to download from DM I sent - so this is low quality - but you get the idea.

    There is a way....if you think outside the box 😎 And totally free!!

  • myalteredsoul
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    I can imagine it will come when the Traktor integration comes. Izotope already has a stems plugin called Rebalance.

  • GoliatGar
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    Even Koala Sampler for my iPhone has it (for free)

  • D-One
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    Would be amazing to have Stem separation in Maschine, altho a bit odd to have that before RT Time Stretch in the sampler, which is a way more of a common feature nowadays.

    Stems is def becoming a standard feature, FL just added it but it's not all over yet. Not in Logic, Ableton, BitWig, Studio One etc... and those are way more advanced SW than Maschine.

    Unfortunately, it's not very common that once some new thing is added to one product it also gets added to another... Maschine doesn't have the Traktor stretch algorithms for example or many features that Battery has in it's sampler, it's not even integrated into KKS MK3, so... there's that. :(

    iZotope has great stem separation in RX, maybe now that NI and iZo are bro companies it will help the speed of the implementation.

  • WernerR
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    Not sure, it sounds fun to have stem separation but only if it really works well.

    There's a lot of options out there these days and most of them are far from perfect, just a few are getting better and better. I think it might need different knowledge to build this.

    So I'd rather have them focus on other features and use an external option for stem separation.

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