NI, what has become of you?

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I've been using your products for about 10 years. Mainly Traktor and various controllers.

For years, Traktor was a super great and stable software. I would have put my hand in the fire for that back then.

And what do we have now? Great announcements with roadmaps, great videos on Facebook of new controllers and a great subscription system.

In reality: roadmaps that are not worth the paper, countless bugs in Traktor (yes, bugs happen, but they should be fixed) and a subscription system that nobody needs.

Should we really pay money for what is currently offered?

If I worked like this at my employer, I would have been fired a long time ago.

Now let's be honest NI, what's the point?

The fact that you are bringing a new controller onto the market shows that you are still interested in Traktor. But please, finally fix all the bugs and dedicate yourselves to the real wishes of the users.

When I see how many long-time users here in the forum are still loyal to you and ask for better software. The users are all very patient. But this won't work for much longer.

Therefore NI, do something and communicate it. At times this has worked quite well. But then it's as quiet as a graveyard again. Has the shortage of skilled workers hit you so hard that you no longer have any computer scientists who can do all the work?

Please make a clear announcement about how things are to continue.

Best regards, Michael



  • MiFa1969
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    I have to add something:

    Instead of having a lot of marketing offensives and AMAs, I would like to point out an old saying:

    Satisfied customers are the best advertising

    Do they still know that?

  • Vladyk _Dj
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    but version 2.6.8 traktor pro 2 is the best and stable version 2.6.8 people liked very much and this version gained a high rating in those times ,people really love this version 2.6.8. But second place is taken by version 3.4.2 traktor pro 3 in terms of stability. Аnd with version 3.5.0 problems and bugs began. They added these novelties, Beatport LINK and so on, they broke something inside the code in the traktor .exe file and it affects the stability of work, problems and bugs increased. During this period from version 3.5.0 to version 3.10, they tried to improve, conducted testing, tried to fix some problems, but it did not get better, as it was and is. If you compare traktor pro version 3.10 with version 3.4.2, the difference is noticeable, 3.4.2 works much better and more stable on Windows and on Mac. I'm not saying that version 3.10 critical and has serious bugs, there are no such bugs in it, I'm talking about small bugs that are not major, but if there are many such bugs, then it affects the stability of the project as a whole, you just have more problems with version 3.10 will be.

  • Oxy
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    There is a roadmap. Not that they follow it or anything. I've investigated the competition and was also severely disappointed. Hope we see more new hardware soon, really need it as the competition poops them out on the regular.

  • lord-carlos
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    Well they more or less follow the roadmap. It just does not have any deadlines on it. More of a priority list. And they are really slow working on it.

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