Upgrade 10 year old setup

I would like to upgrade my setup that is about 10 years old.

Currently in use:

- DJM 750 (MK1)

- SC 2900


- Two heavy Stanton turntables

- Traktor Pro 3 with DVS

The CD players are done, some LEDs are broken and the jog wheels don't feel good anymore. The other units seem to be ok according to their age.

I have already done the upgrade to Traktor Pro 3.

Actually I only need two new CD players, but good devices (without CD drive?!) cost around 3000€ or more, that's just too much.

- XDJ 1000 MK2 bothers me the touch screen.

- Traktor S4 MK3 has pretty small (though motorized) jogwheels.

- Traktor D2 is no longer available.


- Denon LC6000

- DDJ FLX 10

I have the following questions about this:

- Is it correct that with Traktor Pro 3 I can use any audio interface for DVS?

- Can the jog wheel from the LC6000 be used accurately in Traktor via Midi or can is it possible to use HID/some alternative?

(The SC 2900 have hybrid midi, they output timecode via cinch into the mixer, so the jog wheels are more precise).

- How well or badly do the jog wheels from the DDJ FLX10 work in Traktor?



  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 147 Pro

    Yes, you can use any audio card.

    In the link in my signature you have mappings for LC6000 for Traktor, Works well.

  • Arne Zanter
    Arne Zanter Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
    edited September 24

    With two LC6000s, I should definitely be in the best position in terms of price/performance.

    Do you have any other suggestions or will new products appear soon?

    Does it make sense to get an SC6000 and an LC6000, because they can be used standalone like the old players?

    It doesn't seem to be possible to use the SC6000 display with Traktor?

    (With the SC2900 I could just use the HC4500 display mapping).


    Or is it possible to use two LC6000 in Traktor as 4 decks via modifiers in the mapping?

    Would this also work with the Jog-Whel?

  • nachopenades
    nachopenades Member Posts: 147 Pro

    You can use up to 4 decks with just 1 LC6000.

    The screens don't work,

    Jog-w if it works,

    In the SC6000M version (With motor), it does not work.

    There are no plans to release new versions, the ones that exist are quite complete.


  • Arne Zanter
    Arne Zanter Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thank you very much for the information.

    The only thing that still worries me is the following:

    -Improved: If you were scratching with "Flux (Slip)" activated, the experience was not good, now, when scratching, "Flux (slip)" is automatically deactivated.

    Where is the connection? I thought that if it works "normally", then also with Flux?

    Otherwise, the only thing I would change about the mapping is the 23 back to normal slip rolls, otherwise it looks very good.

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