Kontrol MK3 S Series on Maschine software

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I’m hoping there will be a Maschine update when the new Kontrol is released. I noticed it’s not in the keyboard hardware listing on the current version.


  • xam
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    Yes please 🌚🎶🎶🎶

  • JesterMgee
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    Prob need to read the info available already in this thread:

    Gist is that there will not be any immediate update of Maschine and initially, the MK3 will have no deep integration with the Maschine software, mostly due to few people using it (and it is FEW, not no one as they understand there are some that use it).

    There has been no statement to say they WILL make it integrate or that there will be a Maschine update, only it may be looked into down the track.

    Otherwise the MK2 is integrated just fine so if that is a big requirement, stick to the MK2

  • Kymeia
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    I'm hoping so too - there have been hints in the AMA that it will at least get aftertouch support (although maybe not on actual release) after all these years of people asking for this. That has to happen really if only to ensure Maschine supports them as a simple recorder of midi tracks played by loaded instruments. Obviously the deeper Maschine hardware integration is gone but the software is another thing and of course will eventually be supporting whatever new generation of Maschine hardware is released (at some point) so I am sure the software will evolve to support the MkIII keyboards more and more, but at first release probably not that much.

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