The Reaktor Sequencer I would love and perhaps still doesn't exist? Or does it?

willieraylewis Member Posts: 11 Member
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Haven't posted in awhile, since I requested a simple stereo sample player, and Toybox Audio totally solved that one (among other builders).

So here's what I dream of.

An 8 or 16 step sequencer with VELOCITY PER STEP (a la Bento Sequencer) AND storable modulate-able snaps (patterns) -- (a la Toybox nano sequencer, or the free pack sequencers.) All in one block. Basically a Bento Sequencer with storable patterns that can be changed/modulated via A/B mod ins. A bonus would be a multitrack version, like 4 eight step sequencers in a single block. Playback direction, number of steps, gate length and glide should be implemented like in the Bento version.

That's it. Coming from a player, and I wish I was a builder because I would totally build this if I new how to program. Saying this humbly and thankful to all those who build.

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