Session Guitarist Mint stopped working in Kontakt 6 FULL (v6.8) with version 1.1

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Session Guitarist Mint stopped working in Kontakt 6 FULL (v6.8)

Session Guitarist Mint was working perfectly with version v1.0 and when Native Access offered me the update to version 1.1, it stopped working in Kontakt 6 FULL.

I also have Electric Vintage v1.0 and Prime Bass v1.0 among others working without problems.

I resist using Lontakt 7 Player, I don't want to upgrade to Kontakt 7 Full because it has brought me many performance problems.

In addition, Session Guitarist Mint has been sold as compatible with Kontakt 6 FULL....

Lately it's all been problems with Native Instruments and its updates!

Has it happened to someone

Windows 10 PRO i7 - 32G RAM - SSD - Kontakt 6 FULL (v6.8)

Sorry for my Google translator English...

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  • LostInFoundation
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    It is still advertised as working for Kontakt (which is v6).

    What does happen? How is it nor working? Do you get any error message? Is it in demo mode? (If the latter, it could be a well known problem with products in demo mode. Have a look at this article)

  • Gustaf
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    Thanks for answering...

    No, it is not a demo version problem

    Kontakt 6 FULL and Session Guitarist Mint v1.0 worked perfectly.

    When Native Access updated "Session Guitarist Mint" to version 1.1 it was no longer accepted by Kontak 6 FULL....

    I attach some images

  • Monochrome
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    The release notes for Electric Mint say that it now requires Kontakt 7.6 due to added support for "NKS2 navigation". Only Kontakt 7.6 supports NKS2-related stuff. (It's for the new keyboards).

  • Gustaf
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    Yes, NI can now say that "now requires Kontakt 7.6" but when I bought "Electric Mint" it didn't say that... it was compatible with Kontakt 6 FULL

    It is not a product that has been on the market for 15 years and that suddenly loses compatibility.... that's what I think.

    I'm really going to continue buying bookstores, even if maybe next year I won't be able to use a bookstore because the company decides that "it's not compatible"...

    I don't know, I think something is not working, besides my "Electric Mint"...

    Thanks anyway for the response, although it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Gustaf
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    Could it be that NI doesn't sell enough Kontakt 7 licenses because, as is my case, I don't see anything I need in this new version?

    I have tried Kontakt 7 Player and it has given me nothing but performance problems at startup, it takes more than twice as long to initialize and what it provides is not relevant in my case.

    It just doesn't enter my head!

    IF they release a new library only compatible with Kontakt 7, great!

    But removing compatibility from the old libraries seems like a huge disrespect to the client...

    I hope this is all a mistake and they fix it soon.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Well - to be fair - this IS a new library (v1.1) that is only compatible with Kontakt 7.

    If you scanned the release notes in Native Access prior to running this update on your system - you could have avoided this issue.

    That said - K6 is clearly heading to retirement and K7 (while brutal when it first appeared) is much more stable and IMHO - a much better option than K6 ever was.

    This scenario (updating libraries to go in lockstep with K7.6.x) will be more and more frequent as NI is putting a lot of time, effort and resource into their 2023 Komplete MKIII hardware rollout. And they want as many folks as possible to be able to use/enjoy the new NKS2 offerings and all the other cool stuff that the MKIII series will bring. I do not see this slowing down until ALL Kontakt based instruments in their current roster have all been overhauled.

    I too went through the K6->K7 frustration (including the slow startup time) and then one day - I just went for it and never looked back.

    I also started using all my Kontakt stuff in Komplete Control (instead of launching the actual Kontakt UI) and the start-up time is instant.

    What is it - exactly - that is holding you back from using K7? Not sure I understand the resistance.


  • Gustaf
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    This is simple.

    If you buy a library that is compatible with K6, it must ALWAYS be compatible with K6.

    Then if NI wants to have another version compatible with K7, fantastic, but you should not take that K6 library from the one who bought it for this purpose.

    What bothers me is that Native Access does not give me the option to download the library that NI originally sold me.

    "NO, you have to use what we think is appropriate!"

    YES, of course, I have to wait for the technical service, when they can, to solve the problem by giving me a link to download version 1.0 that works with K6.

    That days can pass for all this.

    Regarding K6 vs K7, I prefer K6, it is faster to load and doesn't give me any problems.

    The very cute little drawings of the new K7 interface don't work for me.

    What would have been nice is for them to resize the real screen, not the cute and colorful drawings.

    Because the texts remain an absurd miniature.

    Really, in my workflow it just gets in the way.

    Also, I continue with K6 because I load all the libraries I need on the same instance, including my Session Mint.

    K7 for me is more marketing than facts, at least until now, otherwise I would have already updated.

    But you see, with these NI policies I don't really feel like it.

    K7 is slow to load, slow to start, slow, you understand?

    At least on my system.

    Let it be clear, I don't want to stop progress, quite the opposite, but don't break the above!

    haha, for example they did the same thing at the time with FM8 and Masive.

    The "ksd batch converter" option one day they said "we eliminated it" and the users who used it were already left without it.

    And now tell me that they eliminated it because of a technological advance for the benefit of the end user... hahaha

    Nor would they have to respect the user who paid for their products.

    Before generating this post I have sent a request to the tecnoco service to re-enable version 1.o of Mint from Native Access, I am still waiting.

    I'm still waiting for me and my projects.

    Am I clear?

    It's a bit of indignation, just that.

    And to top it off instead of creating something new I'm describing the "abnormalities" of NI...

    It's exhausting and a total waste of time.

    Once again, a thousand apologies for the English translated by Google.

  • Gustaf
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    Everything would be simpler if the "geniuses who interpret user needs" would let Native Access allow you to download the version that you want, need and pay for.

    Without having to wait for the technical service, after a thousand emails back and forth, to give you a download link.

    Doesn't NI work to make us customers more productive and happy?

    Yes, NI moves forward with new things but don't break what we have already paid for.

    Let us decide, don't force us to follow your updates by force!

  • Gustaf
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    Excuse the way I express myself, but this topic that NI has been repeating year after year makes me very angry.

    It is not against the technical service and even less because of the people on the forum.

    It's just anger and indignation towards the "NI geniuses who decide and impose by force what is supposedly best for us."

    Thanks for the intention to help. Greetings to all

  • Gustaf
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    "Well - to be fair - this IS a new library (v1.1) that is only compatible with Kontakt 7."

    To my Native Access, in a new installation, IT DOES NOT OFFER ME the version that I have purchased that is compatible with K6.

    And that is very wrong in my opinion.

    Thanks also for the suggestion

  • Vocalpoint
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    Great points all - and I do feel your pain as I did go thru this myself fighting tooth and nail convincing myself that K6 was where I wanted to stay following the release of K7. And I probably could have - if I took it upon myself to never update and never install Native Access.

    I also think that you are speculating thinking that Mint v1.1 (the K7.6.x version) will automatically become the ONLY version one would get in a new install scenario.

    If you uninstall Mint now - and then reinstall it - you should get the K6 compatible v1.01 (which is 15GB in size) back in place. This new v1.1 update is tiny in size - just 36MB - which is clearly not a full version and is most likely just a small series of supplemental files designed to work with the new Komplete MK3 hardware.

    It is worth a try. It also couldn't hurt to ask NI Support for instructions on the best way back - which I am sure is possible.


  • Gustaf
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    Hello Vocalpoint, thanks for responding.

    You know, she had already done it but it didn't work out at the time.

    But anyway I did it again and failed again.

    Install version 1.1 directly for me.

    Look what I said, before opening this post I sent a complaint to technical service and they still haven't responded to me.

    Just a confirmation email "We have received your inquiry"

    I'm still with the stopped project!

    Do you know why I never upgraded my Maschine MK2 hardware to MK3, let alone MK3+?

    Because having MK2, using it quite little to be honest, I wanted to make a "Slice" of some samples and

    I didn't really remember how to do it, so I consulted the help.

    And what happened?

    The information did not match the screens on my MK2!

    The help pdf was version 2.8 and oh surprise, Native Accees only offered me version 2.17.4, as of today it is the version that I have installed.

    Tech support told me that version 2.17 was the only one I could use because it had the MK2 machine hardware.

    Ok, but if you search online for help for Maschine MK2, the software version referenced is 2.8.

    How is that understood?

    Today they still haven't given me a response.

    Obviously I no longer use it, I have abandoned it there.

    And I won't even update it at gunpoint.

    My lifelong DAW is Cubase, but since I told you about Maschine I have replaced it with Ableton Live and a cheap Novation controller, a fantastic Launchkey MK3 37 and I am happy with life, without problems.

    Goodbye Maschine for capturing quick ideas and for some live shows.

    Something has smelled rotten in NI for a long time.

    Well, I'll keep waiting for NI to give me a solution.

    Thanks again for your willingness to help.


    PS: Maschine JAM user? ...Hahaha, commit suicide.

  • Gustaf
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    Terry from tech support just sent me an installer for version 1.0.

    I have installed it and it works perfectly in Kontakt 6.


    But I've been stopping my projects for a few days because of this issue.

    He told me that "we are experiencing a period of high traffic right now combined with staffing issues."

    I can understand it.

    The truth is that I always found the NI technical service people to be very good.

    But I insist, "the geniuses of NI, the brilliant brainiacs" I think are urinating outside the galaxy.

    Unless for work reasons I am forced to buy something from them, I, due to my decision or personal projects, will not be caught very easily with new Native Instruments products.

    No more.

     With this emal I close the topic, thanking the forum, Vocalpoint, LostInFoundation, Monocromo, for their help.

    A big greeting from Asturias.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Seems that NI is now aware of the larger issue and they appear to be working on a plan to allow K6 users to (Most likely) download the original installers where appropriate.

    Good to see the company making a move here for the K6 user community.



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