Why does Maschine duplicate user samples on my hard drive?

b_en Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

Hi all –

new Maschine user here.

I'm currently slicing some samples from a recording of my old band. While exporting single slices, I've noticed that Maschine seems to create a copy of the original sample (which is quite big in file size). If I than truncate the sample, yet another file is created. Smaller in file size this time – but the "old" copy is not deleted. This is clogging up my hard drive space. Why is that so? Why the need to make a copy of the same sample? Maschine could just reference the original?

I want to stick with single slices, as this provides more editing options as compared to exporting it to a single sound (keyboard).

Could someone explain? What are the strategies to remedy this?

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