External HDD/SSD dropout crashes Traktor

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Had an issue with the latest stable 3.5.2 version last saturday. I was playing a track from an portable SSD which all of sudden disconnects and reconnects immediately after. Don't yet know what the cause is but that's out of the scope of this thread.

Traktor continued playing because a large portion of the track was cached to memory. However after a approx 30 seconds from that the music stopped and Traktor crashed.

I had a new track loaded from the internal SSD but that one was not yet playing.

Expected behaviour:

  • Traktor should not crash (!)
  • Traktor should retry reading after a failure to prevent audio drop outs as much as possible (or loop the latest cached portion of the track)

OS: Windows 11

SSD: Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD 2TB





  • Kubrak
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    First - external disc should not connect and disconnect..... That is not expected behaviour.

    But, you are right, Traktor should anticipate something like that may happen. And do not crash.

    I do not agree with you, Traktor should "solve" HW problems by repeating cashed part of the track... It should stop playing that track.

    Simply, disc should not randomly connect and disconnect! If that happens it indicates, there is something rather wrong....

  • DJ-Andre
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    @Kubrak : I agree with you the disconnect shouldn't happen in the first place. I'm in contact with Samsung as it seems an issue with the T7 series of drives (firmware perhaps). It looks like some kind of sleep mode to save power.

    The least i want is the music stops in the middle of a gig. It's better the software starts a loop and shows a clear error message that there is something wrong while reading the file. Even better is to cache the whole track in memory. With the amount of available memory nowadays that shouldn't be a problem.

    Pioneer CDJ-players start an auto loop when the link cable is disconnected. That shouldn't happen but if it does happen, the music is not gone.

    Last saturday i plugged in my backup drive (WD Elements 2TB harddrive) and haven't had any problems since that moment.

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