Software for Creating Stems and Audio Quality

Recently have been experimenting with stems and have really been enjoying it. Curious what software and settings you use to create them in order to get the best quality stems?

I have been using NuoStems V3 and its traktor integration works pretty well besides a few bugs.

I have also been experimenting with different file types and audio quality and found some interesting results when comparing the wave forms and A/B ing the tracks. I compared AAC, wav, and flac files of songs I created and purchased. I purchased .wav and AAC verions of the same songs. What I discovered is that with this particular software, creating stems out of a .wav file vs a losey file such as AAC, the audio quality is pretty much exactly the same.

(This is just one of many examples I compared)

Now Im not sure if this is unique to Nuo-Stems but I would be interested to see what your guys experiences are with trying to get the best quality stems.



  • c0nsul
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    The best quality of stems you will get from files which are produced to be sold as stems.

    If you want to make stems from your files, Nuo-Stems seems to be the best on market.

    The waveform says nothing about audio quality of a file. To hear the difference between .wav and .aac you need to have very good headphones/speakers and ears, of course. So, to be safe, always use (original/purchased) .wav files as source when extracting stems. Once you convert to a lossy format, the damage is done and cannot be undone.

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