|Hi where can I get a free copy of Traktor to work with AudioDJ4 ,Trak scratch vinyl and win 10

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where can I get a free copy of Traktor (any version) to work with AudioDJ4 and win 10 ?

So I have seen some deals that no longer seem to work such as the one on plugin boutique for Traktor LE free . I only need the software I have decks and an Audio DJ4 plus Time coded vinyl which says its compatible with all versions of traktor scratch ? ( i'm now worrying about that as well) Is there anything free that will work with my setup. If not will Traktor scratch vinyl and AudioDJ4 work with new paid for Traktor versions ?

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    Yeah, I don't think Traktor DJ 2 can do DVS. Not sure why that was suggested.

    If you want free you can use Mixxx. It's 100% free and open. And support Traktor DVS/Timecode.

    You can also check if the free version of virtual DJ supports DVS, I don't know.

    But yeah, otherwise you have to buy Traktor 3 Pro.


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