Notes Drop Only With Multi Routing

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I am using an instrument from Get Good Drums in Kontakt 7. I noticed that notes would randomly drop out so I was doing a lot of experimenting with the settings. I messed with absolutely everything, and what I found out is that the notes completely stopped disappearing once I no longer routed every drum to an individual output and instead just went to the main stereo out on the track. Notes stopped disappearing.

This isn’t a CPU issue as my computer is extremely robust with one of the highest AMD Ryzen’s, 64GB of RAM, and all from an SSD. What is it about the routing that could be making the notes disappear? I’ve tried rendering the tracks multiple and even then there’s still random inconsistent notes that will be missing. Sure, I could mute every single drum one by one and render but that would be a complete nightmare. I could also open a new Kontakt instance for every drum but then I would have to go into each MIDI piano roll and delete every instrument in each lane minus the one I need. I’ve tried maxing out voicings, maxing out RAM look ahead, and it’s still happening.

Any advice would be massively appreciated!


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    Try mess with the preload buffer:

    Also, sometimes settings in the Engine tab can make a difference:

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    @nuclearallan What Get Good Drums library is it? Does it have effect aux sends? Is it happening in a DAW? What DAW? Was the output configuration saved as a default and Kontakt relaunched as a plugin afterwards ?

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