maschine mk3 as a vocal recording audio interface

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hi I have a question, I was wandering if I use a mic pre-amp, that provides phantom power to a condenser microphone, than I connect it to maschine mk3 to record vocals on logic, will be a good quality recording? how good are the Maschine transformers/converters?

also, if I use a mono pre-amp, should I go in through the mic in or line in?

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    If you use a Monoinput, use the Mic input.

    Basically the Audiointerface of the Maschine is quiet good, but it also depends on the quality of your Mic ofc and the Vocalchain you use in Logic.

    If you scroll down to the bottom you see the specs of the Audiointerface that comes with Maschine MK3

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    I have never tested that, but I assume, if you only connect the L, it will record in stereo, but only on the left-Chanel, but you can convert that stereo to a mono later in your DAW

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    Don't use the Maschine mic input if the preamp has a line level output!

    The problem is that we don't know the make and model of the preamp.

    If it has a line level output then you will overload the Maschine mic input.

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    Your preamp output should be a line signal.

    Maschine’s audio interfaces aren’t bad, but they aren’t even famous to be brilliant. E.g. their inputs are quite low

    If you want to use Maschine as audio interface to record mic to Logic because you already have it and it’s the only one, ok. If the only goal is mic in Logic surely there is better


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