Beatport Link - Trackor 3 - Windows 11 - Missing portion of Waveform

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Hi Everyone,

I've found a topic already on the subject, but it was early last year, so I want to bring this back on the topic (if it was supposed to be fixed or not).

I've just started using Beatport Link on my Windows 11 With the latest Traktor (3.9) and when I load tracks from Beatport Link I can see that there is a piece missing at the beginning of the track, as if there was some "cleaning" of silence done automatically for whatever reasons, but unfortunately it removes the first kick.

I was reading in the other Thread that it could be related to Windows 11, so I checked on my other Computer (Windows 10) and I've downloaded the same tracks, and I can see this missing kick, even, some times, some "empty" space before the first kick, compared to the missing kicks on my Windows 11 machine.

If you looked at the image below, I took a track to compare on both computers, and red square shows the whole portion that is missing on the Windows 10 machine, so in that case it's a spike.

Luckily I can downgrade easily my Music computer to Windows 10, is this the simplest solution that exists right now?

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