Serato Sampler 2: Computer keyboard midi keys!

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Am enjoying Maschine SW as my main go to #1, though some modern features are missing.

  • Using the mouse to adjust audio point cue's on the Serato sampler plugin, disables the computer keyboard space bar from play/stop. It requires clicking back to Maschine for the space bar to play/stop.
  • Computer keyboard as midi keys is missing from Maschine sw.

Serato Studio/Sampler, FL Studio and Logic can have computer keyboard as midi keyboard.

Serato Sampler plugin pairs well with Maschine, however navigating Maschine with the computer keyboard and mouse seems a bit lacking on the midi note playback compatibility side of things.

The solution for me is to connect the Mikro mk3 so that the midi note cues can be edited while using the transporter functions. or the KORG Nanostudio for scoring a performance with minimal desk estate.

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    Otherwise I use the mouse to add midi note's.

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