No sound on audio inputs on Maschine Software

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I tried to get the Maschine 2 Software Audio Inputs working with my RME audio interface for the better part of an hour without success. Everything seemed properly configured, but there was no sound.

This article (as posted by @D-One on this old forum thread) saved me from going insane:



  • Matt_NI
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    Ah yes, the famous permission issue, posting the steps below to make it easier for anyone else looking this up for Mac OS 10.14 and up:

    Adjust your Mac settings to enable the audio inputs:

    1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone
    2. Click on the lock icon next to Click the lock to make changes and enter your computer log-in details.
    3. Enable the microphone setting for your app(s) by ticking the corresponding box(es). In the below example, we are enabling the microphone access for Maschine 2.

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