Traktor F1 overwritten problem

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I have a problem with my Traktor F1. I am using the latest version of Traktor Pro software. When I record loops on my remix deck, after saving it and opening it later, some channels are overwritten, which makes them sound the same without me having created the same loop for different channels. I would like to know what I can do to solve this problem since it has happened to me several times and I am wasting valuable time.



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    What exactly do you mean by - some channels are overwritten?

    The only issue that is know is, that if you put a new loop on a slot in F1, you should play that loop 3-6 times, because then Traktor copies these Loop-Sample to the sample directory. On saving the Remixdeck then again, all samples are in the sample lib. you then also can mark them easily as One Shot or Loop.

    Hope that helps

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